Medium duty rack(Medium duty shelf) is also known as "storage rack" is easy to assemb, simple and fast, the number of layers required just depends on customer needs, incorporating highly functional, safe and secure. Configuration roughly divided into two, the first one is bracket to hold shelves, and the other is based on cross bas as the support for the shelves, which can load larger objects.

Medium duty rack/shelf is mostly for discount type stores and supermarkets used, a company can also be used flexibly manage warehouses, replacement tool storage and preservation of documents 


PS.  Medium duty rack, shelf held by bracket, weight load 100-150 kg 

        Medium duty rack, shelf held by cross bar, weight load 150-200 kg                  

        If you need a heavier load shelves, please refer to the "heavy duty rack / pallet rack.”

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Medium Duty Rack ( Single )

Medium Duty Rack ( Single )


Medium Duty Rack (Double sided )

Medium Duty Rack (Double sid...